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Montara CP test stations

Deepwater provides RetroClamps™ and tie backs to improve electrical continuity between wellheads, piggybacks and PLET, and to have easily accessible CP test stations.

Key project stats

  • Wellhead trees and PLET needed electrical continuity
  • Piggybacks on flowlines lacked continuity
  • Tiebacks were used to ensure electrical continuity
  • RetroClamp™ CP test stations were added

Tabu, Guntong, Semangkok

RetroSleds™ and RetroClamps™ used to replace depleted anodes discovered during a pipeline survey campaign in Malaysia.

Key project stats

  • 3 pipelines
  • Installation: ROV
  • Install time: 4 days

8 inch pipeline

Deepwater was contracted by Chevron to provide cathodic protection (CP) retrofit materials for their 8” wet oil pipeline running from their fixed jacked to shore.

Key project stats

  • Installation: Divers
  • Offshore time: 30 hours
  • Length: 4.5 km
  • As left: -0.998V vs Ag/AgCl

24 inch methanol pipeline

Concrete mattresses with integral anodes (RetroMat™) used to retrofit new cathodic protection for a pipeline in Equatorial Guinea.

Key project stats

  • Local assembly
  • Offshore time: 3 days
  • Length: 2 km
  • As left: -1.025V vs Ag/AgC

Alba Field

Pipeline anode retrofit of an offshore process pipeline in Equatorial Guinea's Alba Field with low cathodic protection potentials.

Key project stats

  • Installation: ROV
  • Depth: 200 ft
  • Sacrificial anode sled

Forties field flowlines

Anode retrofit for the in-field flowlines on the Forties field in the North Sea

Key project stats

  • Install time: 60 hours
  • Depth: 106 m

Arnold / Oyster fields

New cathodic protection anodes installed on two deep-water fields in just 73 hours, including well trees, flow line manifolds, umbilical termination units, and flow lines.

Key project stats

  • Installation: ROV
  • Install time: 72 hours
  • Depth: 775 ft / 1,750 ft

Tubular Bells

Sacrificial anode retrofit for two pipelines located in the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico.

Key project stats

  • Water depth: 4,500 ft
  • Installation: ROV

Brent pipeline

Deepwater retrofits major North Sea pipeline using RetroMat™ and RetroClamp™ to provide pipeline cathodic protection.

Key project stats

  • 12 km pipeline
  • Conctrete weight coat
  • 15 year life extension

Pipeline Excavation Tool (PET™) installs RetroClamp™

Pipeline Excavation Tool (PET™) is used to excavate a shallow buried underwater pipeline in south Louisiana to install a RetroClamp™ for attaching leads to a CP test station.

Key project stats

  • Entire operation done from topside - no divers
  • Took two hours to excavate and install RetroClamp™
  • Whole operation including setup and demob took one day

CP jumper system installed on pipeline

The Cathodic Protection jumper system provides a CP bridge across the insulation joint installed on the 12” Cobia pipeline extension in the MP-290 field near the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Key project stats

  • Two 12” RetroClamps™ were installed
  • Pair of 4/0 cables provide continuity
  • ROV installation

Four RetroSleds™ installed on two pipelines

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted by Stone Energy to supply and oversee the installation of four RetroSled™ anode sleds on to two subsea pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico.

Key project stats

  • Installed from jack-up boat
  • Divers helped place the sleds
  • In Gulf of Mexico, south of Louisiana

RetroSled™ installed on subsea pipeline

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted to provide a RetroSled™ anode sled and a RetroClamp™ to provide CP for a 6” subsea pipeline.

Key project stats

  • Pipeline near Renaissance MP 76 platform
  • RetroSled™ used to provide CP
  • RetroClamp™ provides electrical connection
  • Located in the Gulf of Mexico

160 km pipeline, platform, flare tower retrofit

Deepwater Australasia Pty Ltd was contracted by EMAS Energy to provide installation support for the cathodic protection life extension of PTT’s assets in the Gulf of Thailand: ERP Platform, ERP Flare Tower and the RC210 24” pipeline from ERP to Khanom Shore Base.

Key project stats

  • 81 RetroSleds™ and 162 RetroClamps™
  • 13 Test stations installed
  • RetroMat-CP Test Station™ used on buried pipeline

Monitoring system for Australian pipeline

Deepwater was contracted in 2018 to supply a SunStation™ system for monitoring the potential of a pipeline using a V-String™ reference electrode and to monitor the output current of an MA-1™ monitored anode on the Spool Connection Assembly (SCA).

Key project stats

  • SunStation™ will monitor pipeline CP
  • V-String™ reference electrode attached to SunStation™
  • MA-1™ will monitor Spool Connection Assembly

Arabian Gulf pipeline CP retrofit

25 RetroClamps™ were utilized to electrically connect retrofit anode sleds on an 8-inch pipeline.

Key project stats

  • 25 RetroClamps™ deployed
  • 8-inch pipeline from wellhead platform
  • Used to electrically connect anode sleds

64 RetroLinks™ installed on pipelines

64 RetroLinks™ were installed on three Gulf of Mexico pipelines using 26 RetroClamps™ to electrically connect them.

Key project stats

  • 64 RetroLinks™ used
  • 26 RetroClamps™ used to attach links
  • Anode strings laid on seabed

Deepwater installs RetroSleds™ to protect two pipelines

Deepwater supplied three RetroSleds™ and six RetroClamps™ for the cathodic retrofit of two offshore pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico.

Key project stats

  • 2 RetroSleds™ and 4 RetroClamps™ on 8" pipeline
  • 1 RetroSled™ and 2 RetroClamps™ on 12" pipeline
  • Pipelines at 210' and 220' depth

PET™ pipeline excavation and clamp installation

Deepwater was contracted to use the Pipeline Excavation Tool to place two large RetroClamps™ on two shallow-water pipelines buried in mud.

Key project stats

  • 48" and 30" pipelines under 4' to 6' of mud
  • PET™ used to excavate pipes
  • Two RetroClamps™ installed
  • Excavation time: 2 hours