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U-bolt with Polyshrink™ and half-round I-Rod® support designed to prevent corrosion at pipe supports

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Eliminate crevice corrosion at the support


Flat pipe supports trap water

Nu-Bolt® is designed to prevent corrosion that occurs when pipes rest on flat supports.


Many temperature, size, material and gripping options

Nu-Bolt® assembly combines our half-round I-Rod® support with a heat-shrink-coated U-bolt to provide long-term service in harsh operating environments.


Decades of proven success

Nu-Bolt® assemblies have been in worldwide service for over 30 years without a single reported pipe failure.

What is a Nu-Bolt®?

1. I-ROD® Material is a durable half-round thermoplastic with high compressive strength and little to no creep over time (HT - high temp and PEEK also available)

2. Polyshrink™ is a UV-stable, cross-linked polyolefin applied over the shank of the U-bolt to protect the pipe’s coating during installation.

Standard temps: Up to 110ºC;    Hi-Temp: Up to 220ºC

3. Coated Fasteners: Carbon-steel U-bolts and nuts are available with the following coatings: Hot-dipped galvanized, SermaGard and Armor-Galv is also available.

4. Gripping or Non-gripping U-Bolt: Nu-Bolts® are made from only the best quality U-bolts available with coatings Hot-dipped galvanized, SermaGard and Armor-Galv. 316 SS U-bolts are also available.

Full MTRs are provided with every order to verify quality and origin.


Nu-Bolt™ options



Three options for Polyshrink™ are available: > Standard: up to 230°F / 110°C > High-temp: up to 428°F / 220°C > No shrink


U-bolt and fastener coatings

A36 and 316SS Domestic steel U-bolts can be ordered with the following coating options: > Hot-dip galvanized > SermaGard > DOX Nickel Cobalt


I-Rod® material

With three materials to choose from, Nu-Bolt® is rated to perform in temperatures ranging from -110º F to 480º F. I-Rod® (white) can be used up to 181°F, I-Rod® HT (amber) up to 340°F and I-Rod® PEEK (tan) up to 480°F.


Gripping or non-gripping

Nu-Bolts® are available with a non-gripping configuration, where the I-Rod® is secured by nuts above and below rather than just below. This allows thermal expansion without lateral movement. Nu-Bolt® XL offers slightly larger clearances to further prevent binding that could damage pipe coatings during movement.

Gripping vs non-gripping Nu-Bolt

How to order Nu-Bolt®


Nu-Bolt® is only available from Deepwater Corrosion Services and our licensed distributors and international resellers. Nu-Bolts® are sized to fit API standard pipe sizes. To order, we need to know:

1. Pipe size
2. Temperature requirements
3. Coating
4. Nuts and washers
5. Gripping or non-gripping



How to order Nu-Bolt


I-Rod catalog

Non-gripping Nu-Bolts®


Non-gripping Nu-bolts® are designed to accommodate a nut or washer on top. The benefit of this arrangement is a better-secured piece of I-Rod® material for pipes that need to move or slide on the support. In addition, the nut and washer on top help shield the I-Rod® material at the ends from UV exposure.


Non-gripping info


I-Rod® FAQ


Nu-Bolt® options

Key design points

Half-round shape: I-Rod's half-round shape minimizes contact between the pipe and the support, eliminating the crevice that traps water. Keeping water out minimizes corrosion.

Easier maintenance: A Nu-Bolt® assembly provides an electrically isolated stand-off between the pipe and the supporting beam or saddle clamp, which allows for easy maintenance and inspection. This also prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals of the pipe and support.

Durability: I-Rod® has excellent compressive strength and a very low coefficient of friction. Nu-Bolt® assemblies have been in continuous operation since 1989 without a single reported pipe failure.

Withstands extreme temperatures: With three materials to choose from, Nu-Bolt® is rated to perform in temperatures ranging from -110º F to 480º F.


Download Nu-Bolt® 3-D CAD models

Download free CAD models of Nu-Bolt® assemblies for use in designing your next project. Hundreds of files in the most popular CAD formats are available.





Nu-Bolt® Assembly specifications

Complete specifications for I-Rod® material, U-bolts and the Polyolefin heat shrink used in Nu-Bolt® assemblies are available on our specifications page.



I-Rod® Tech Datasheet


Nu-Bolt® Tech Datasheet

I-Rod® material


I-Rod® material is the key to the Nu-Bolt's success.  I-Rod® material has a high compressive strength and is subject to very little creep over time, so it can last up to 20 years in the field.

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Tech datasheet


I-Rod® vs alternatives

Metric Nu-Bolt® download

Nu-Bolts are also available in metric sizes.

This downloadable list shows part numbers for metric Nu-Bolt® variant hot dip galvanized U-bolt with Polyshrink, 4 heavy hex nuts and a cut-and-drilled piece of white I-Rod® (max temp. +83c).

Other variants are also available. Please contact us for details.


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