Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Zafiro Producer

RetroBuoy™ ICCP system installed on FPSO in Equatorial Guinea


Deepwater designed and supplied an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system for ExxonMobil’s Zafiro Producer FPSO

After an ExxonMobil engineering review of all available options, Deepwater’s Retrobuoy ICCP system was chosen to retrofit the cathodic protection on their Zafiro Producer FPSO located offshore of Equatorial Guinea near the Nigerian border. Two 400 amp Retrobouys were installed using a dynamic supply cable system between the anode sleds on the bottom and the FPSO deck.



The offshore installation of the sleds took two days, and field time was ten days; total output was around 300 amps. CP readings afterward ranged from a minimum hull potential of -995mV to a maximum of -1050mV. 

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