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Pipeline Survey Modes


The stab survey method records the actual steel potential with periodic steel stabs every 5-10 km. The potential between stabs can be accurately calculated with pipeline attenuation modeling. Deep C Meter software in Stab Survey mode records events and exports a completed survey for the engineers to model.

APPLICATION: This is usually used for platforms and subsea equipment. When used for a pipeline survey, the operator only needs a metal stab every 5 -10 km; then the engineers can run a quick pipeline attenuation model to fill in the space between metal stabs.

PLUS: Fast, accurate.

MINUS: It is just as accurate for pipelines, but most operator specs call for remote variance readings, which are not as accurate as stabs and slow down the survey.



The remote electrode method calibrates a remote reading with periodic stabs of bare steel along the pipeline. The data is then aligned in post processing. Not as accurate as a stab survey, but required in some regions. Deep C Meter software in Remote mode outputs stab events and the complete set of readings from the proximity electrode for processing.

APPLICATION: When used for a pipeline survey, the operator still needs a metal stab every 1 km to calibrate the proximity readings. This method requires lengthy post-processing. This is directly in line with SUBSPECTION, STORK, PMAC, ISIS and other survey systems.

PLUS: Meets all specs worldwide.

MINUS: Expensive and slow. Requires more equipment for the remote electrode. Also requires an advanced user to process the data.

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