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BARD Offshore 1 OSS retrofit

Remote impressed current cathodic protection system retrofit to replace spent anodes on a German offshore wind farm OSS platform.

Key project stats

  • Platform installed 2010
  • Premature anode failure
  • 25-year design life

Who Dat retrofit with suspended ICCP anodes

Three sides of the Who Dat platform in the Gulf of Mexico were left unprotected by a failing CP system. Deepwater installed a suspended ICCP anode system as a short-term, low-cost method to temporarily maintain proper CP levels.

Key project stats

  • Most existing ICCP anodes had failed
  • Suspended anode chosen as fastest, lowest-cost option
  • Existing transformer/rectifier used
  • Suspended anode is tethered to prevent damage

Leman Alpha

In 2017, Deepwater retrofitted the cathodic protection system on the structures in the Leman complex.

Key project stats

  • Install: 12 hours per buoy
  • Depth: 35 M
  • 25-year design life

TAQA North Cormorant

The platform was installed with a galvanic anode cathodic protection (CP) system, mounted directly on to the jacket.

Key project stats

  • Fixed platforms
  • Installation: ROV
  • Install time: 18 hrs

Ewing Bank 305-A

Deepwater added 20 years of anode life to EW-305 with two RetroBuoy™ impressed current cathodic protection sleds.

Key project stats

  • Water depth: 300 ft
  • 20 year life extension
  • 800 Amps of CP current

ERWB Jackets

Deepwater installs RetroPods™ and V-Strings™ in the Gulf of Thailand to extend the life of two bridge-connected jackets in 200 ft of water.

Key project stats

  • Bridge-connected jackets
  • Water depth: 200 ft
  • Install time: 60 hours
  • Seabed anodes only

LAF-1 & 2 Platforms

Deepwater installs three impressed current cathodic protection retrofit anode sleds on 2 platforms in the Gulf of Guinea, extending the life by 20 years.

Key project stats

  • Installation: ROV
  • Impressed current anodes

Eugene Island 295-A

RetroLinks™ installed on Nexen platform in the Gulf of Mexico to restore cathodic protection.

Key project stats

  • Installation: Divers
  • Install time: 60 hours
  • Depth: 220 ft

Black Bay platforms

In 2012, Deepwater retrofit new anode strings for 69 structures in Black Bay, extending the cathodic protection life of the field.

Key project stats

  • 115 anode strings
  • 22 continuity jumpers
  • Structures: 69
  • Offshore time: 22 days

South Pass 62-C

Two RetroBuoy™ systems replace spent anodes on a 330 ft platform in South Pass, Gulf of Mexico adding 20 years of life.

Key project stats

  • Install time: 30 hours
  • Depth: 330 ft

Forties Field platforms

Deepwater successfully designed, deployed and commissioned 9 (nine) RetroBuoy™ systems to 4 (four) fixed platforms located in the North Sea.

Key project stats

  • 4 fixed platforms
  • 9 x 450 Amp sleds
  • Install: 12 hours each
  • 20-year design life

Lufeng 13-2

Impressed-current cathodic protection system retrofit to replace spent anodes on a South China Sea platform.

Key project stats

  • Platform installed 2005
  • Premature anode failure
  • Depth: 430 ft
  • Supplemental ICCP anodes

Ras Gharib platform

New anodes retrofitted for a fixed platform in the Egyptian Red Sea boost the cathodic protection system for 20 more years.

Key project stats

  • Install: Divers
  • Install time: 24 hours
  • Depth: 14 m
  • As left: (-)1.050V vs Ag/AgCl

GOM structures

Deepwater replaces aluminum cathodic protection anodes on 5 platforms in the Gulf of Mexico in 14 days with the RetroPod™ system.

Key project stats

  • 5 fixed jackets
  • Install time: 14 days
  • 210' four point boat

Garden Banks 191-A Anode retrofit

Deepwater retrofits cathodic protection on a fixed platform in 720 ft. water in less than 2 days with the RetroBuoy™ impressed current system.

Key project stats

  • Water depth: 720 ft
  • Installation: ROV
  • Install time: 2 days

PanYu 30-1

RetroBuoy™ impressed current anode sleds installed to retrofit cathodic protection on an 8 leg fixed platform in the South China Sea.

Key project stats

  • Water depth: 200 m
  • Fixed monitoring

Frying Pan Tower

Deepwater designs an anode string retrofit for an offshore bed and breakfast on a former lighthouse platform of North Carolina.

Key project stats

  • Civilian owned
  • 12 RetroLinks™

Ship Shoal structures

64 RetroLink™ anode strings used to protect wellhead platforms, gas lift manifolds and production platforms, including pipeline risers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Key project stats

  • 64 RetroLinks™
  • 25 structures

RetroLink™ anode strings installed

Deepwater installed six anode strings on Apache’s EC-2-C 4-pile structure in the Gulf of Mexico.

Key project stats

  • Six RetroLink™ anode strings installed
  • Depth: 30 feet of water
  • Located in Gulf of Mexico
  • Total time - including travel - 6 hours

Four platforms retrofit near Trinidad

The Galeota A, B, C and D platforms received sacrificial anode retrofits for a 20-year life extension.

Key project stats

  • 59 anode sleds were required
  • 3 Dual-anode clamp-ons were used
  • Smaller booster anodes added to top of sleds
  • Systems were connected via RetroClamps™

RetroLinks™ installed on multiple assets

Deepwater provided CP systems for oil and gas assets such as platforms, wellheads and pipeline risers, all spread across various fields.

Key project stats

  • A total of five RetroLinks™ installed
  • Platforms, wellheads and pipeline risers
  • Assets spread over various fields

Anode sled installed on fixed-jacket platform

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted by EMAS to supply and oversee the installation of one anode sled on the fixed jacket platform Aripo located in Trinidad. The purpose of this anode sled was to replace anode material previously removed from the platform due to construction projects.

Key project stats

  • Anode sled was attached via RetroClamp™
  • Saturation divers used to place sled

RetroLinks™ installed on Chevron East platform

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted by Chevron East to restore adequate cathodic protection on a caisson structure in the Gulf of Mexico by installing 23 RetroLink™ anode strings.

Key project stats

  • RetroLinks™ were attached to 23 horizontal stand-offs
  • Caisson structure in 48 feet of seawater
  • Two Vamp Clamps™ used for electrical continuity
  • 1.5 hours average installation time per anode string

RetroPods™ installed on ExxonMobil platforms in South China Sea

Deepwater Australasia Pty Ltd (DCA) was contracted by Wasco to provide installation support for the cathodic protection life extension of ExxonMobil’s assets Guntong-F (GuF) Platform and Irong Barat-C (IbC), which are both located in the South China Sea.

Key project stats

  • Two platforms retrofit
  • 36 RetroPods™ total installed on two platforms
  • Assets in 63 meters of seawater

Retrolinks™ installed on three platforms

The platforms were cathodically protected only by the sacrificial anodes installed at construction about 48 years earlier. Deepwater supervised the installation of 20 RetroLinks™ on each of the Arenque A, B and C platforms.

Key project stats

  • 20 Retrolinks™ used per structure
  • Retrolinks™ were 200 feet in length
  • Protected for at least 5 years

RetroLinks™ installed on smaller Gulf of Mexico structure

Deepwater installs RetroLinks™ on smaller Gulf of Mexico structure.

Key project stats

  • RetroLink™ anode strings installed
  • RetroLinks attached to stand-offs welded to structure
  • Smaller structure in Gulf of Mexico
  • Water depth: 25 feet