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Bahamas loading dock

RetroLink™ system used to replace the CP systems destroyed by a hurricane


RetroLink™ system used to replace the cathodic protection system for loading dock in the Bahamas

In 2008, Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc. was commissioned by the Bahamas Oil Refining Company to replace an impressed current cathodic protection system which had been totally destroyed by a hurricane. The system had been protecting a loading dock. The designers decided not to use another impressed current system, but to use sacrificial anode strings instead. The assets to be protected included a loading dock (replaced all topside systems). The retrofit cathodic protection (CP) system consisted of 154 x RetroLink™ Anode Strings (each 90 ft long).

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No divers needed

The loading dock in question was actually a crude-oil loading terminal, comprising multiple isolated jacket and dolphin structures. 154 RetroLink™ (Deep) sacrificial anode systems – each string rated 17 amperes – were used. Customer was able to effect installation at his own pace using existing boats with no divers. 

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