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Polatrak® probes

Corrosion testing instruments for divers and ROV cathodic protection survey.


Cathodic protection survey probes

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For ROVs

The Deep C Meter™ is the top performing pipeline survey system, including dual element ROV II™ stab probe, EFG field gradient measurement and measurement software.

Deep C Meter™

For divers

The CP Gun™ is the most reliable diver held instrument for cathodic protection readings, with dual electrodes and bright LED readouts. The CP Gun™ is fully field serviceable.

CP Gun™


The first and only twin-element instrument for topside cathodic protection testing up to 1,500 ft. The DC-II™ is a rugged drop cell for use in annual CP surveys.


Complete product family


CP Gun™

Diver held instrument for cathodic protection readings, with dual electrodes and bright LED readouts.

CP Gun™

ROV II™ probe

Can be used as a "stabbing" tip-contact probe or as a proximity electrode for cathodic protection survey.


EFG probe™

Field gradient device that provides a contactless method of reading anode activity in seawater.

EFG probe™


ROV-deployed cleaning tool that quickly removes marine growth and debris on underwater equipment.


Deep C Meter 3000 AD™

CP survey system with ROV interface RS232/485, probe, software and A/D converter with visual display.

Deep C Meter 3000 AD

Proximity Probe™

Twin AgCl element proximity electrode for divers and ROVs with standard RM-3 connector.

Proximity Probe™

DC II™ drop cell

Twin-element portable reference electrode for drop cell (dip cell) CP surveys from the surface.

DC II™ drop cell

Repair and recalibration services

Complete repair and calibration services are available for Polatrak® products via each of our worldwide office locations. By design, spare parts can be purchased and Polatrak® probes can be repaired in the field during projects if necessary, but we also offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services through our sales and manufacturing facilities.

Our technicians can inspect, troubleshoot, repair and recalibrate your well-worn probes and readouts after each dive season and have them working as new for your upcoming projects. Fresh contact tips, batteries, electrodes and factory calibration will help ensure a trouble-free start to your next season.


Online catalog

Polatrak® Online Catalog

Browse all Polatrak® instruments for divers, ROVs and topside deployment with details about kit contents, spare parts, service, rental information and more.

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PDF Catalog

PDF Catalog

Download the latest catalog for a comprehensive overview of our products, along with part numbers for replacement parts and spares for most Polatrak® products.  

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