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Port of Alaska dock

Raparound™ pile-mounted anodes added to Cook Inlet dock

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The project

As part of the Port of Alaska modernization program, an overall cathodic protection design was implemented for all dock structures. The dock structure included a unique fender design that had 10” beams protruding approximately 30’ at a 15 degree angle into the chilly waters of the Cook inlet. With a successful history of pile mounted anodes in the Cook inlet, DCSI was commissioned to develop eight (8) fender beam mounted anodes (rated at 80 Amperes each). Design considerations included the unique installation requirements of huge tidal ranges and zero visibility waters. Divers were utilized to secure the Raparound™ anodes to the beams and route all associated cabling through the square beams. Installation time eventually averaged about one anode per day. Final anode testing confirmed the successful application of the Raparound™ anodes.

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