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Montara CP test stations

Project case study: Montara Pipeline CP test stations


Deepwater provides CP test stations for the Montara pipeline near Western Australia

Montara’s operator contacted Deepwater Australasia Pty Ltd about improving electric continuity with tie-ins from existing anode skids to wellhead trees and the PLET and adding CP test stations for flowlines.

To electrically tie in the anode skids to the PLET and 5 subsea wellhead trees, one set to RetroClamps™ was placed between the skids and target asset, and the second set of RetroClamps™ was attached to two different parts of the tree and PLET to ensure electrical continuity. They were connected with a set of approximately 20m-long tieback cables.

CP test stations were added for direct measurement of the flow lines, as it was always difficult to reliably assess their CP levels. Some of the flow lines have 4” gas lift piggybacks that needed to be bonded to their host flow lines. This was accomplished by installing customized RetroClamp™ CP test stations connected with tieback cables to 4” RetroClamps™ attached to the piggybacks as far from any anode bracelet or anode skids as possible. With the clamps in place, the manifolds, tree and PLET are no longer electrically isolated and the test stations provide an easily accessible way to gather reliable CP readings.

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