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PIpeline anode retrofit

Retrofit anode systems to extend the life of aging offshore pipelines


Deepwater designs and manufactures retrofit anode systems to extend the life of aging offshore pipelines

Pipeline cathodic protection systems

Deepwater provides cathodic protection for new and aging offshore pipelines all over the world. In addition to standard bracelet anodes, we produce retrofit systems that replace or supplement anodes on mature pipelines needing a boost in cathodic protection levels or to fully replace systems needing life extension. With the majority of the world's offshore infrastructure beginning to reach the end of its original design life, it is more important than ever to address corrosion control and asset integrity for offshore pipelines.

Our N.A.C.E.-certified team of corrosion engineers and cathodic protection designers have engineered anode systems for offshore pipelines at all depths and in all types of conditions. Our team has the expertise to provide complete project management from design to installation, whether for a new build or for extending the life of an aging onshore or offshore asset. With a variety of proprietary systems and a long, proven track record of dependability and cost savings, Deepwater is way ahead in knowledge and experience.

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Bracelet anodes


For new pipeline projects, we provide stock aluminum anode bracelets made at one of our certified ISO 9000 anode foundries. All foundry facilities are located only a few miles from where the design team and engineers manage each project, ensuring that strict QA/QC oversight is observed for all anode materials used in our systems.

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For aging pipelines - For mature or damaged pipelines or lines in need of supplemental cathodic protection, we have two anode systems: RetroSled™ for standard bottom conditions, and SmartMat™ for difficult conditions, pipeline crossings and other special circumstances.



The RetroSled™ system is a standard rigid (or expanding) aluminum anode sled, installed on the sea floor next to the pipe and attached via diver or ROV with the RetroClamp™. The SmartMat™ is a concrete mattress with integral aluminum or zinc anodes that simultaneously stabilizes, provides separation between lines and delivers cathodic protection current through a RetroClamp™ connection.

RetroClamp CP


To focus a small amount of cathodic protection on a localized problem area (or "holiday"), the RetroClamp™ CP operates like a normal RetroClamp™, except it has a small amount of anode material electrically attached to the body of the clamp, providing a small diver-or-ROV-installable clamp-on anode.

Replacing bracelet anodes

Bracelet anode designs for new pipelines often last 30 to 35 years. After these initial anodes deplete, new anode material must be reliably connected to the pipeline, which is often done via ROV.

There is no way to replace bracelet anodes once a pipeline is on-bottom. Retrofit technology has an excellent track record of clamps that connect new anode material for 15-to-20-year life extensions.

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Retrofit anode sleds

Anode material used in a pipeline retrofit is identical to the chemical composition used in the original anodes. However, replacement anode sleds contain more material. In most cases depending on the design, they only have to be placed every few kilometers. The electrical connection to the pipeline is critical when attaching new anodes. Deepwater developed the RetroClamp™ to allow divers or ROVs to quickly attach new anode sleds.

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