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Anode systems

Cathodic protection systems for new and aging offshore assets

New-build vs retrofit CP systems

Anode systems for new assets are designed based on a few established codes.

There is no design code for retrofit anode systems.  Experience is crucial.

Cathodic protection for offshore structures, pipelines, docks and subsea production equipment.

Here is a list of Deepwater’s anode systems for virtually every type of offshore cathodic protection need. Scroll down to search summaries of completed projects utilizing our products.

Deepwater’s proprietary anode systems

We design and build anode systems


For platforms

Anode retrofit projects for aging fixed platforms

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For subsea pipelines

Subsea pipeline anode replacement projects

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Anode retrofit projects for FPSO hulls and floating production

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For drilling equipment

Anode designs for drill stacks and production risers

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For tank internals

Anode systems installed inside tanks and process vessels

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For docks and piers

Day-one and retrofit anode projects for terminals and jetties

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For subsea equipment

Retrofit anode projects for subsea production equipment

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For renewables

Retrofit anode systems and monitoring projects for wind

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Sacrificial anodes


New assets still utilize the same anode chemistry mastered originally over 50 years ago. For some newer asset types there are still some holes in the design codes.

CP Design Services

Sacrificial Anodes

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