Subsea corrosion survey

Corrosion and visual / structural inspection

Real-time Underwater Survey Software


RUSS (Real-time underwater survey system) allows our offshore survey crews to accurately record and process subsea survey data in real time.  This reduces reporting time by weeks or even months, depending on the length of the survey.

With internet access offshore, crews can upload survey data to Deepwater's servers for backup and to begin the process of report checking.  A complete backup of survey data will be left offshore with the ROV crew before Deepwater's inspectors leave the vessel.



Once reports are finalized, customers can retrieve them from the the online reporting database.  The ARMS system keeps historical files organized and quickly available in our library.

Specific report results are input into the database for queries into individual assets or types of issues reported,  This type of reporting allows integrity managers to quickly find where s/he has problems reported.

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