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Dana Triton FPSO

Deepwater installs hanging ICCP anode system in 2021 to protect the hull of an FPSO


A hanging impressed-current anode system was used to retrofit Triton's failing hull anodes.

In 2021, Deepwater EU Ltd installed a retrofit impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system on the Triton FPSO hull located in the North Sea. The original FWD ICCP system on the Triton FPSO no longer provided adequate cathodic protection, so Deepwater EU Ltd were contracted by Dana Petroleum to develop and implement a retrofit ICCP solution to repolarise the structure and maintain adequate levels of cathodic protection for the FPSO’s lifetime. After detailed conceptual work was undertaken, Dana selected the Deepwater RetroSAM™. The retrofit ICCP system consists of one number 250 A remote-suspended anode module with associated cable and topside equipment. During July 2021, the retrofit ICCP system was successfully commissioned and cathodic protection was re-established on the Triton FPSO without the need for any subsea intervention. Initial potential measurements indicated that the submerged areas of the FPSO were now receiving adequate cathodic protection and sufficient CP current capability to fully repolarise the FPSO and protect against corrosion. When the TRU is energised and the suspended anode module is operational, satisfactory levels of protection are achievable and maintainable during varying conditions for the system's design life, with full automatic ICCP potential control achievable by interfacing the new TRU with the existing permanent zinc reference electrode installed as part of the original shipboard ICCP system.

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Key advantages of RetroSAM™

• Recoverable anode module designed to withstand adverse weather

• Dynamic and finite element analysis completed

• No requirement for ROV / diver activities

Modular design for the hang-off davit and the recoverable platform allows for fast, safe assembly and installation offshore

Platform design allows for safe operation and recovery of the RetroSam during poor weather without the need of any work outside of the safety handrails.

Adaptable platform design allows for variations in the hang-off davits and recoverable platform to suit various asset types, both floating and fixed

Remote operation and maintenance

Certified for hazardous areas


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