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I-Rod® Adhesive

High-strength adhesive for securing I-Rod® material to concrete and steel pipe supports


I-Rod® Adhesive™ provides a strong, permanent bond between I-Rod® strips and pipe supports

I-Rod® Adhesive™ is designed to securely anchor strips of I-Rod® in situations where drilling and bolting would be difficult. It’s a great solution for using I-Rod® on solid concrete supports that can’t be fitted with U-bolts, or for locations where drilling through metal is restricted or would require a hot work permit.

Adhesive features


Drying time

Working time is around seven minutes at 22ºC, and full strength is achieved after 72 hours.



We also offer heavy-duty disposable nozzles for use with the required 1:1 mix ratio applicator gun.



Each dual cartridge contains 13.5 fl. oz. (400 ml) of I-Rod® Adhesive™.


A strong bond

I-Rod® Adhesive™ provides an extremely strong bond between I-Rod’s tough thermoplastic material and the steel or concrete surfaces that support it.

I-Rod® Adhesive™ application

I-Rod® Adhesive™ will adhere to steel and concrete.

I-Rod® Adhesive™ will adhere to steel and concrete.


I-Rod® Adhesive™ was selected from over 30 of the best multi-surface adhesives in the industry. For maximum effectiveness, I-Rod® Adhesive™ must be applied under certain conditions.


Tech datasheet




Cartridge coverage


Download Nu-Bolt® 3-D CAD models

Download free CAD models of Nu-Bolt® assemblies for use in designing your next project. Hundreds of files in the most popular CAD formats are available.




The I-Rod® online store is now open for business

The full line of I-Rod® products and accessories are now available at our new e-commerce site at I-Rod.com. All of our I-Rod® offerings, specs and downloads can be found in one place, along with convenient online ordering in the US and UK, with other regions coming soon.

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