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Laboratory Services

Corrosion Laboratory Services

Deepwater’s laboratory facilities, which are invaluable in our own ongoing product development and R&D efforts, enable us to offer corrosion testing services.

Deepwater’s corrosion testing facility is great for small-scale corrosion and mechanical testing. The lab features a number of pH, Do, temperature and conductivity monitored open saltwater tanks (300, 1,200 and 4,000 gallons) for testing and training purposes, a unique high-pressure electrochemistry suite capable of simulating the effect of ocean depth and pressure on the kinetics of corrosion, with an in-situ camera and sophisticated potentiostat and an operating volume of 5 gallons. Benchtop corrosion experiments are also available for work in small volumes around 1 L, with high precision temperature control, dynamic, A/C and steady state electrode techniques.


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