Monitoring Systems

Polatrak® cathodic protection monitoring instruments and readout systems.

Deepwater manufactures a range of instruments and readouts designed to allow an operator to monitor cathodic protection levels on any offshore asset. Surface structures can be wired to SCADA or the internet and deep water assets can be tied to convenient subsea monitoring stations.



DR-2 Reference cell

For CP potentials, the DR-2 has dual-reference electrodes (Zn and Ag/AgCl) housed in a single instrument. It can be welded, bolted, or retrofitted to a tubular member.

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MA-1 Monitored anode

For anode consumption, the MA-1 acts like a fuel gauge for a CP system. It is a standard platform anode or pipeline bracelet, fitted with a monitor that can also be applied to other anode shapes.

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The V-String zinc reference electrode has a rugged conductor with a strong over-braid of polyester fibers. It is a low-cost reference electrode designed for offshore platform monitoring.

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DR-2 CD Polarization monitor

A 1 sq. meter current density monitor is combined with a DR-2 dual-element reference electrode for monitoring a structure's polarization.

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Sunstation readout

For subsea interrogation, the SunStation readout is activated by the light of an ROV or diver. Rated for up to 3,000-meter depths, it eliminates the need for surface access and allows monitoring almost anywhere.

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Monitoring panels

For topside interrogation, instruments can be hardwired to topside monitoring panels, customized for any method of interrogation, from a simple voltmeter stab point to a fully integrated SCADA interface.

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RECAP Data Logger

Designed to collect rich subsea cathodic protection data at 15-minute sampling intervals for an extended time. The battery lasts four years and the unit is recovered for data retrieval. Ideal for use with drilling equipment.

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