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Olympus Field PBGs

Deepwater installs self-monitored anode sleds in the Gulf of Mexico to protect 24 new PGBs at 3,000 ft for 45 years.

Key project stats

  • Installation: ROV
  • Install time: 30 hours
  • Battery-free monitoring
  • 45-year design life

Chinook Field PLET

Under pressure, Deepwater designed and installed a mini-gateway retrofit anode system in the Chinook field on a PLET.

Key project stats

  • Continuity jumper
  • Borrowed CP from PLET
  • Custom design
  • 2 week turnaround

24 inch methanol pipeline

Concrete mattresses with integral anodes (RetroMat™) used to retrofit new cathodic protection for a pipeline in Equatorial Guinea.

Key project stats

  • Local assembly
  • Offshore time: 3 days
  • Length: 2 km
  • As left: -1.025V vs Ag/AgC

Arnold / Oyster fields

New cathodic protection anodes installed on two deep-water fields in just 73 hours, including well trees, flow line manifolds, umbilical termination units, and flow lines.

Key project stats

  • Installation: ROV
  • Install time: 72 hours
  • Depth: 775 ft / 1,750 ft

Shenzi subsea tree

The first SunStation™ cathodic protection monitoring system, installed on a Shenzi subsea Christmas tree, was interrogated by ROV.

Key project stats

  • Water depth: 4,300 ft
  • 25-year monitoring system
  • No batteries required

Tubular Bells

Sacrificial anode retrofit for two pipelines located in the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico.

Key project stats

  • Water depth: 4,500 ft
  • Installation: ROV

Joliet TLP

RetroPod™ anode sleds and RetroClamps™ retrofit cathodic protection anodes on a tension leg well platform in Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico.

Key project stats

  • Water depth: 1,760 ft
  • 19 x RetroPods™

Green Canyon

Deepwater supplied seven RetroPod™ anode sleds for Neptune 6 and Shenzi 8 platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

Key project stats

  • Water depth: 4,400 ft
  • Install time: 3 days

Hydrogen embrittlement study

In 2020, Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. was contracted to conduct laboratory testing including potential monitoring of a clamp connector subject to cathodic protection (CP).

Key project stats

  • Study focused on clamp connector
  • Possible gasket embrittlement from CP
  • Internal sections of clamp monitored for CP
  • Polarization of gasket could generate hydrogen

RetroPods™ installed on wellheads and SUTA

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted to oversee the installation of three RetroPod™ sacrificial anode systems in the Dolphin Deep oilfield located off the coast of Trinidad in 200 meters of water.

Key project stats

  • RetroPod™ anode sleds installed
  • RetroClamps™ provide electrical connection

ReCap™ data logger installed on BOP stack

Deepwater was contracted by Atwood Oceanics to install a ReCap™ data logger on one of their BOP stacks to log cathodic protection data during subsea operations. The ReCap™ system comprises a high impedance data logger, two V-String™ zinc reference electrodes and two grounding clamps.

Key project stats

  • System includes high - impedance data logger
  • Two V-String™ zinc reference electrodes used
  • Data recorded every 15 minutes for four years
  • Non-stop data logging of two independent channels

Monitoring system for Australian pipeline

Deepwater was contracted in 2018 to supply a SunStation™ system for monitoring the potential of a pipeline using a V-String™ reference electrode and to monitor the output current of an MA-1™ monitored anode on the Spool Connection Assembly (SCA).

Key project stats

  • SunStation™ will monitor pipeline CP
  • V-String™ reference electrode attached to SunStation™
  • MA-1™ will monitor Spool Connection Assembly