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California wave park survey

In January 2020, Deepwater performed a corrosion survey on the nation's most advanced wave pool.

Key project stats

  • CVI/NDT inspection Done
  • 500,000 sq. ft. + facility
  • 55+ assets Inspected
  • ICCP retrofit recommended

Houston Ship Channel dock

In 2017-18, Deepwater retrofitted the cathodic protection system on 5 docks at the Houston Ship Channel terminal.

Key project stats

  • 5 docks protected
  • Installation: Divers
  • 47 RetroLinks™ installed
  • 16 ICCP anodes installed

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier retrofit

Deepwater supplied the RetroLink™ system accompanied by RetroClamp™ subsea clamps to provide CP to the forty-seven steel columns supporting the pier.

Key project stats

  • RetroLink™ anode strings installed
  • Anode strings attached with RetroClamps™
  • CP levels verified using Polatrak ®CP Gun™

Bahamas loading dock

RetroLink™ anode string system was used to replace the damaged cathodic protection system for loading dock in the Bahamas.

Key project stats

  • Sacrificial anodes
  • Diverless install

Cook Inlet Pier

Deepwater develops Raparound™ pile anodes for harsh conditions in the Cook Inlet, Alaska, where all others had failed.

Key project stats

  • 1,800 AMPS of CP
  • Freeze / thaw resistant

Duncan Wharf

A cathodic protection retrofit for the Duncan Wharf, an aluminum loading berth in Port Alfred with ICCP anodes.

Key project stats

  • Semi-Arctic temperatures
  • 3,700 AMPS of CP

Enterprise dock anodes

Deepwater oversaw installation of galvanic anodes on the Beaumont Marine East and Beaumont Marine West dock facilities near the Gulf of Mexico, including installation of continuity cables to discontinuous sections.

Key project stats

  • Sections of dock, dolphins and piles had insufficient CP
  • Anodes added to supplement existing land-side ICCP
  • Continuity cables added to discontinuous sections

Port of Alaska dock

Deepwater installed 8 Raparound™ pile-mounted anodes on a Cook Inlet dock at the Port of Alaska.

Key project stats

  • 8 Raparound™ anodes used
  • Divers secured anodes and routed cables

Buffalo Bayou sheet pile survey

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted to investigate the condition of steel sheet pile walls at two sites along Buffalo and White Oak bayous at the northern end of Houston’s downtown.

Key project stats

  • Survey of submerged steel sheet piles
  • Identify multiple discontinuities along piles
  • 6 of 7 TRs were functioning
  • Sampled mud and water for resistivity

CP monitoring installed on marine fueling dock

Deepwater Do Brasil Engenharia Ltda installed a CP monitoring system on the Açu Maritime Fuel Terminal - TECMA on December 27, 2020. The dock is used for marine fueling and has two berths: Berth 1, which measures 185m X 32m, and Berth 2, which measures 110m X 21m.

Key project stats

  • 8 V-String™ reference electrodes and monitoring panel
  • Berth 1: 185m X 32m
  • Berth 2: 110m X 21m