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Impressed current anode retrofit eight-leg structure in 200 meters in the South China Sea


Deepwater installs RetroBuoy ICCP system to protect platform in South China Sea

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted to extend the life of a platform by installing Deepwater’s proprietary RetroBuoy™ impressed-current cathodic protection (ICCP) retrofit system. The platform is located in 200 meters of seawater in the Pearl River Mouth Basin. This production platform is an eight-legged fixed jacket with one conductor well bay and multiple pipeline risers and J-tubes. Some of these J-tubes remain empty, and one of them was used as a conduit to pull the RetroBuoy™ system’s cable through from subsea to topside.

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What was installed 

Four RetroBuoy™ ICCP anode sleds, subsea power cables, four transformer-rectifiers, topside junction box, topside DC cable, topside monitoring junction box and two DR-III™ monitoring systems. Prior to energizing the ICCP system, a baseline drop cell CP survey was performed to assess platform potentials. The potentials ranged from (-)1.018mV to (-)1.020mV at the top of the platform.


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