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Anode sled installed on Trinidad platform

Replaced anodes that were removed during construction work


Anode sled installed on fixed jacket platform

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted by EMAS to supply and oversee the installation of one anode sled on the fixed jacked platform Aripo located in Trinidad. The purpose of this anode sled was to replace anode material previously removed from the platform due to construction projects.

The anode sled was installed using the ROV from the pipe lay vessel Lewek Express and saturation divers from the Dive Support Vessel (DSV) Bibby Sapphire. The anode sled and grounding clamp were connected topside on the Lewek Express. The resistance between all connections were tested and passed within the acceptable criteria prior to over-boarding the anode sled. The anode sled was over-boarded and lowered to the pre-determined installation location on the seabed. Once the anode sled was confirmed to be in the correct installation location, the lifting sling was detached and recovered back to surface.

Saturation divers from the DSV Bibby Sapphire then installed the grounding RetroClamp™ to make the newly installed anode sled continuous with the structure.

CP readings were taken on the structure before and after the anode installation to confirm that the newly-installed anode sled was connected properly and was providing cathodic protection to the platform.

The newly-installed anode sled was electrically continuous with the platform and was providing cathodic protection.

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