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RetroPods installed on FPU subsea equipment

Wellheads and gravity bases protected by RetroPods™

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Operator of FPU in Vietnam has RetroPods™ installed to protect subsea trees and the gravity bases of offloading buoy and mid-depth buoys 

Deepwater was contracted to supervise the installation of a cathodic protection (CP) anode retrofit system and perform continuity checks on RetroPods™ and Web-RetroClamps™ for six subsea trees and the clump-weights (gravity base) of an offloading buoy and mid-depth buoys (MDB).

A total of twelve RetroPod™ 10-year anode systems with eighteen (18) Web-RetroClamps™ (electro-mechanical tie-back clamps) were installed. Six clamps were for the subsea trees and twelve for the clump-weights (which includes three clamps damaged by ROV and during placement of the RetroPods™). Note: Each RetroPod™ was attached with two Web-RetroClamps™; one of the clamps was for redundancy purposes hence, the CP system was working very well. CP readings were taken on the clamp and the adjacent member using a contact probe much later after installation. It was highly recommended that a potential survey be taken 90 days after the installation as the structures may not have fully polarized at the time of install. Such a survey will help to verify adequate cathodic protection of the structure.

In conclusion, the RetroPod™ anode system was installed and deemed successful based on the potential shift as observed in the CP readings recorded after installation.

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Pod lift
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Clamp ROV
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