Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Asset Solutions

Cathodic protection For docks, piers and jetty structures

Deepwater has provided cathodic protection for every type of dock and jetty structure. Whether designing an anode system for a new construction project or retrofitting the anodes on an old harbor, our team understands that every asset is different, both structurally and in terms of its particular corrosive environment. To accommodate all of the variables involved with a marine cathodic protection system (water depth, tide, temperature, salinity, etc.) one must design with multiple solutions in mind. At Deepwater, our NACE - certified corrosion experts apply a suite of different proprietary products, each designed to suit a particular environment. All of Deepwater's system components are designed and manufactured in-house. By utilizing the full range of products and methods developed during our long history, our team can quickly and reliably address the various challenges involved in protecting these types of assets.