Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Asset Solutions

Cathodic Protection for Offshore Pipelines

Deepwater provides cathodic protection for new and aging offshore pipelines all over the world. In addition to standard bracelet anodes, we produce retrofit systems that replace or supplement anodes on mature pipelines needing a boost in cathodic protection levels or to fully replace systems needing life extension. With the majority of the world's offshore infrastructure beginning to reach the end of its original design life, it is more important than ever to address corrosion control and asset integrity for offshore pipelines.

Our N.A.C.E.-certified team of corrosion engineers and cathodic protection designers have engineered anode systems for offshore pipelines at all depths and in all types of conditions. With a variety of proprietary systems and a long, proven track record of dependability and cost savings, Deepwater is way ahead in knowledge and experience.