Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Sr. Corrosion & Cathodic Protection Consultant

Responsible for a range of projects and work assignments in Deepwater’s core business area of corrosion protection, prevention and failure analysis, predominantly within the energy industry (onshore and offshore)


Houston, TX


  • Produce, evaluate, & update electrochemical models.
  • Calculate & document engineering design basis.
  • Solve engineering design problems with research, calculation, & critical thinking.
  • Research materials, specifications, third-party products, engineering requirements, & regulations.
  • Participate in product development meetings, projects, demonstrations, & testing.
  • Produce reports, documentation, & presentations re: activities, accomplishments, & risks.


1. Education: B.S. in Chemical or Materials Engineering, or foreign equivalent.

2. Requires 4 years' experience with each of the following: Laboratory testing; manipulation of equipment for electrochemistry & corrosion testing; standards & laboratory procedures to investigate corrosion phenomena; electrochemical & corrosion techniques (LPR, EIS,CV); materials characterization techniques (SEM-EDS, XPS, FTIR, ICP-OES), failure analysis & materials selection; & computational modeling of engineering problems using MATLAB, COMSOL, IGOR-PRO.


1. This position is Houston-based and the work is mostly of a non-manual nature, consisting of a combination of office and laboratory work. The work will be predominately of a non-manual nature but some physical agility will be required, particularly when laboratory duties necessitate moving or manipulating heavy objects. Laboratory duties may also require working in close proximity to potentially hazardous materials. Typically, some travel may be required including: a. Visits to offshore facilities or vessels for work employed for construction, inspection, or survey activities. To participate in this the candidate must be able to meet the fitness requirements and participate in safety and related training prior to going offshore.  b. Travel within the USA and internationally is likely, generally for short durations (typically in the 1-4 week range) to attend meetings or visit fabrication and other manufacturing facilities.


Type: Full-time 
Experience: Mid-level
Functions: Offshore cathodic protection electrochemical science and engineering
Industries: Oil & Energy

Full benefits after 30 days

This position is eligible for the company’s EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM.


Please email resume to hr@stoprust.com with "Sr. Corrosion & Cathodic Protection Consultant" in the subject line, or call (713) 983-7117.