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2024 Brazil Regional NDT and Inspection conference

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15th edition of the Regional NDT and Inspection Meeting, Macaé Brazil 2024

On May 16 and 17, Deepwater Do Brasil exhibited products and made presentations at the 15th Regional NDT and Inspection Meeting in Macaé Brazil at the Hotel Royal Macaé Palace.

The show provided an opportunity for engineers, technicians, students and anyone in the offshore sector interested in NDT and inspection to interact with service providers and equipment manufacturers and to hear presentations from experts in the field.

Deepwater Do Brasil’s Emilio Lana delivered two of the presentations at the conference. The first, on May 16, discussed CP fixed stations for inspection of cathodic protection systems of submarine assets by ROV and AUV; the second, on May 17, was a review of current procedures along with opportunities for improvement in the inspection of cathodic protection systems on submarine pipelines using the "Remote Electrode Method" (Applicable Brazilian standards: ABNT NBR 16482 and N-1487; b - SPC Inspection in Region 1 - Rigid Flowlines).

Deepwater would like to thank the many attendees and staff at the show, each of whom helped greatly in contributing to the success of the meeting. We look forward to seeing you all next year!

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