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Deepwater Corrosion Services announces CEO succession: Timothy Britton now leads the Acteon subsidiary


Timothy Britton, CEO


Read the statement from founder Jim Britton

It has been over 33 years since my wife Valerie, and I started Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc.; now I proudly hand over the running of the company to our son Timothy, who will assume CEO duties immediately as I step down. I have been very fortunate to have worked with so many great people both inside and outside of Deepwater who have given me help and support to keep the business moving forward (and mostly growing) through more than a couple of industry downturns. I am particularly in awe of those progressive customers who give us a shot when we come up with new product ideas and let us get them into the field. There have been mixed results, but all in all I would say we are winning more than we are losing. Without these great people Deepwater would not exist; thank you and please keep doing it.

Because I am a lousy golfer, not much better at fishing and because Valerie has so instructed, I will be hanging around at Deepwater as a non-executive advisor for as long as Tim and his team need me (and whenever there is free beer at the place). Not rid of me just yet.

Tim is well known to most of my friends and colleagues in the corrosion and offshore energy business. He started serious full-time work here in 2004 but before that was a regular summer intern working in all departments of the business. He was just 7 years old when we started Deepwater in our spare bedroom in northwest Houston, so he has truly lived with the business since day one. You can check him out here

In a parallel move, Dr. Matthew Taylor was promoted to Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and will assume the technical authority for the Deepwater companies. Congrats, Dr. Matt.

I step down with the knowledge that the company has a brilliant management team in all departments and in all our global offices, and they are well supported by a very capable and innovative group of people - our staff.  Great engineers, project managers, production personnel, offshore field personnel, sales and marketing staff, supply chain, financial and administrative; the whole crew are first class. With the added benefit of now being a part of the Acteon group and all the synergistic benefits offered.

It’s gonna be a blast watching this talented team take it to the next level.

Thank you,

Jim Britton, Founder

Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc.