Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

US Patent Granted to Deepwater for the CP Mat

US Patent 7,329,336 B2 has been granted to Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. for the Stabilizer with Cathodic Protection (international patents are pending), marketed by Deepwater as the "SmartMat." (previously CP Mat) - The unique system allows pipeline stabilization or new pipe crossing projects to be leveraged to supplement cathodic protection on ageing pipelines. The original design combined a traditional concrete stabilization mattress with aluminum anodes cast directly inside. Each anode is then electrically connected by a wire rope, cast in a zigzag configuration throughout the entire mat, and attached to the pipeline (or structural tubular) via the RetroClamp.

New configurations are being used to provide cathodic protection for all sorts of additional applications: normal stand alone pipeline life extension projects, sheet pile bulk-head, etc.). A number of mats have already been successfully deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.