Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Deepwater celebrates 22 Years offering offshore corrosion inspection services

For over 20 years, Deepwater Corrosion Services has been leading the way in offshore corrosion inspection. From our very first topside inspection in 1986 to our own in-house research into new subsea pipeline survey methodologies, Deepwater has always maintained a steady presence in the Gulf of Mexico, and more recently, other world markets.

After hurricanes Rita and Katrina in 2005, Deepwater's inspection crew was called upon heavily for post-hurricane corrosion and inspection reporting. Since then, we have been active in the post-hurricane market every season. A complete list of our Inspection services is below:

Topside Level I & Risk Based Inspection Services

Deepwater began completing Level I platform inspections on the very year that the “level I” survey was born – 1986. Since then many thousands of platform inspections have been completed. Deepwater has been a pioneer in continually improving the value of our inspections to our customers. The basic format for most Level I surveys in the Gulf of Mexico was developed by Deepwater, now often imitated but seldom improved. Our multi-point inspection procedure guarantees that you get the best inspection for your money.

All inspectors are fully certified corrosion technicians or degreed engineers with many years of offshore experience.

Flexible scope – we can provide minimal safety inspections, to annual MMS Level I API RP 2A inspections, or provide intense scrutiny on the structure.

Deepwater has unparalleled experience in the field and has completed numerous inspections for companies such as:

Shell Offshore
Noble Energy
Stone Energy
Anglo Suisse

Inspections Performed (All inspections meet or exceed the requirements of API RP-2A):

CP Potential Survey
Vessel Internals
In-Service Paint Inspection
Structural Damage
Corrosion Safety (Handrails, Walkways, Boat Landings etc.)
Riser Inspection
Process Equipment External Inspection
Erosion Corrosion Site Selection
Photo Documentation
Special In-Service Inspection Procedures for Floating Production Systems


Underwater Inspection (Level II, III, and IV Inspections)

Deepwater has been heavily involved in Level II – IV surveys for over 15 years and has maintained an evergreen knowledge base as inspection requirements change. Deepwater is a pioneer of true underwater cathodic protection surveys. We have developed a number of survey techniques and methods to give a true representation of existing conditions, and we can accurately estimate the remaining life of platform and/or pipeline cathodic protection systems. Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. offers services for all aspects of underwater inspections from inspection scope development, engineered node selection per MMS requirements, inspection, data management to final report processing.

All inspectors are fully certified corrosion technicians or degreed engineers with many years of offshore experience. Inspections are performed from a risk-based corrosion prevention and mitigation point of view with the clients best interest in mind.

Personnel are capable of and qualified for assuming the following responsibilities:

Data Recorders
Company Representatives

Inspections Performed (All inspections meet or exceed the requirements of API RP-2A):

CP Potential Survey on Platforms and Risers
Contact measurements at selected locations (Close potential survey)
Proximity surveys (Remote Potential surveys)
Continual CP Data Logging (Polascan)
Structural Damage
Riser Visual Inspection
Select Anode Inspection with voltage gradient survey
Bottom Survey
Debris Survey
Sump Pile / Intake Survey
Flooded Member Detection
Close Visual Inspection
Flooded Member Survey
Conductor Survey
Silt and Scour Survey

NDT/NDE Services

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
Visual Inspection

In-Service Inspection Plan (ISIP) Services

Per client request, Deepwater became involved in the In Service Inspection Plan process by co-authoring the ISIP for one of the first floating production facilities (Auger) in the Gulf of Mexico. Deepwater has since expanded our involvement into today’s market. Deepwater capabilities range from In Service Inspection Plan development and review to the actual execution of the plan. Founded upon inspections, Deepwater has utilized our extensive background in topside and subsea visual and NDE surveys to make a “natural” transition into the In Service Inspection Plan process. Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. experience with TLPs, SPARs, DDCVs and associated subsea equipment keep us on the forefront of In Service Inspection Plan needs and requirements. FPSO’s are next.

Over 10 years experience with In Service Inspection plans.

All inspectors are hand trained in visual surveys, and fully certified for all required NDE / NDT methods.

Capable of integrating In Service Inspection Plan requirements into existing topside and subsea inspection schedules to prevent costly re-mobilizations and redundancy in personnel

Streamlined reporting using your software or ours.
Unparalleled inspection experience allows for project execution with minimal involvement from onboard personnel.
State of the art inspection equipment featuring “through paint” hull thickness gauging and critical weld inspections.

Inspections Performed (All inspections meet or exceed the requirements of API RP-2A):

“Through Paint” Critical Weld Inspections using Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) 
Hull Thickness Gauging
Internal access through void or ballast tanks
External access using diver / ROV friendly NDE Equipment
Visual Inspections of Structural Members
Tank Entry Visual Inspections
Underwater Visual Inspections
Mooring System Inspections
Cathodic Protection Surveys
Special Inspections Per Inspection Cycle