Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Deepwater’s Retrofit vessel is replacing anodes throughout the Gulf of Mexico

Over 110 Structures retrofitted in 2009 with no lost time accidents

Deepwater Corrosion’s retrofit boat is working in the Eastern gulf. The boat will migrate Westward over the summer and be available for South Texas by the end of the summer season. The boat will be totally self sufficient to perform retrofits on structures in less than 90 fsw. The retrofits will be performed using Deepwater’s RetroLink system. This is a diver-less topside installed system. Retrolink is designed to be a five year, replaceable system.

The retrofit boat will be manned by a five to seven man crew depending on the size of the structure. Most multi-legged structures can be completed in less than a day, with caissons taking less than an hour once the boat is on location. Installation time will vary with the number of legs and water depth. In 2009 installation costs ran approximately $3000 Per link or, for multi-legged structures, $4000 per leg.

Material cost will vary depending on the price of Aluminum at time of proposal. At the present time Aluminum prices hover around $2000 / Tonne. Material costs would be as follows:

30’ Retrolink - $1500
60’ Retrolink - $2250
90’ Retrolink - $3000

For costing purposes on multi-leg structures use 1.3 links per leg. Most caissons with CP readings above -.750mV can be retrofit with one link per caisson. The attachment of RetroLink to asset can be either weld-on or clamped. See website for more detail. The Deepwater Corrosion team thanks you for your time.


RetroLink installations in 2009 from Deepwater's vessel