Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Polatrak probes featured at Underwater Intervention 2012 in New Orleans

Nestled against the Mississippi River just a few blocks from New Orleans’ hip and historic French Quarter, the sprawling Ernest N. Morial Convention Center provided a perfect venue for Underwater Intervention's 2012 conference and trade show. Hundreds of vendors and service providers for the underwater operations industry descended upon the Crescent City on Jan. 24 through 26 to display wares, give presentations and connect with other underwater professionals. Participants included professional diving companies, designers and manufacturers of remotely operated vehicles, providers of diving equipment, tools and accessories, insurance and publishing companies and even the Historical Diving Society.

The gathering was the first where Deepwater focused exclusively on their line-up ofPolatrak cathodic-protection probes, and it was quite successful on a number of levels. Direct interaction with divers and ROV designers and operators who use these tools provided a great opportunity to effectively describe the benefits of Polotrak probes, while their feedback sparked ideas for future additions to the Polatrak brand.

Among the featured speakers at the conference was Deepwater CEO Jim Britton, who delivered a presentation on the proper applications, limitations and pitfalls of cathodic-protection probes. Throughout the event, a number of attendees ventured to the Polatrak display booth to seek his advice and expertise on cathodic-protection issues.

The Polatrak brand received an overwhelmingly positive response from the show’s visiting professionals, and Deepwater plans to continue raising awareness of Polatrak probes among those involved with the underwater operations industry.