Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Deepwater's 2012 pre-OTC crawfish boil is another rousing success

Deepwater’s 9th annual pre-Offshore Technology Conference crawfish boil proved to be the grandest one yet. Over 500 guests managed to make 1,700 lb. of boiled mud bugs disappear in less than six hours, and also gulped down hundreds of burgers and dogs. Seven kegs were left floating in its wake.

The shop area at Deepwater’s Train Court facility was cleared and arranged for the festivities, and a large tent in the parking lot housed even more rows of tables. A couple of massive cooling fans kept the shop-bound guests tolerably cool, while a strong breeze chased the warm spring weather from the tent. Happily, the mosquitos declined to attend.

Three gaming tables run by Casino Creations featured Blackjack and Texas Hold’em for the gamblers in the room. The player with the highest chip count at day’s end left with a full stomach and a new iPad.

The Deepwater crew greeted hundreds of old friends, clients, coworkers and new acquaintances at this year’s crawfish boil. Mark this event on your calendar for 2013 to help us celebrate our tenth anniversary pre-OTC crawfish boil.

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