Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

Deepwater exhibits at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference

The Offshore Technology Conference did it again. Somehow, the gigantic annual show managed to increase its attendance level to a 30-year high of 104,800, a 17% gain over last year’s 89,400. It was, as one attendee commented, “like a shopping mall at Christmas.” The faithful turned out in droves to gawk at 2,728 companies from 40 countries. Already bursting at the seams, OTC managed to shoehorn 244 more exhibitors into Reliant Park this year than last.

Deepwater was in the thick of it once again, this time displaying our wares at a booth just inside the southeast entrance to Reliant Center. Our new video looped relentlessly across five monitors, extolling the virtues of SunStation permanent CP monitoring systems, CP retrofits using RetroPods, RetroLinks, RetroMats , RetroBuoys, and RetroClamps and our entire line of Polatrak CP probes. As if that weren’t enough, a legion of splendidly-attired Deepwater representatives was on hand to answer any questions.

Naturally, Deepwater’s hospitality suite in nearby Reliant Stadium was going full blast during the conference, hosting old and new Deepwater friends. Since the main floor of the OTC is about as restful as a picnic on an aircraft carrier, the suite was an oasis of relative quiet and much alcohol. Happy hour stretched to 7 p.m., well past the knot of traffic trying to flee the grounds each evening. Despite our best intentions, some work actually got done while we were there.

We’re signed up again for next year, thrilled to once again be part of the human tide flooding into OTC each May. We’d love to see you there as well, although it’s difficult to see the people for all the crowds.