Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

March 15 2016, 
Mid Norway Oil and Gas Magazine

"This is really a milestone for us," says Svenn Magne Wigen, head of Deepwater based in Verdal. "This is a very important contract. Statoil often choose larger enterprises located in the western cluster. But we won out, and I think they see what benefits we have, technological and location-wise. It gives us a foot within and we will be easier to find next time," says a satisfied Wigen. Deepwater designs and manufactures cathodic protection systems for offshore and marine structures. They have specialized in the development of innovative solutions for older structures that need life extension and improvements. Verdal Department is the US-based company's only presence in Norway. Good partners in the industrial estate company is located in the industrial estate in Verdal. A large pre says Wigen. - We have everything we need of subcontractors in the neighborhood. Kaefer Energy takes surface treatment Lafopa welds and compiles and Vitech takes all of NDT. That in addition to roll the equipment out on the quayside for retrieval, making sure we collectively save a lot of logistics. We believe that this group has been joined, and it is a good card for us, he explains. Deepwater has existed since 1986. Using proprietary products in corrosion protection, inspection and surveillance equipment Deepwater today one of the world leaders in this field. Deepwater Norway AS Norwegian sector of the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Scandinavia, Russia as defined geographical area, as well as general support with special services to the parent company in the United States and sister company in the UK.