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Notched I-Rod

Prevents corrosion on pneumatic control tubing

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Notched I-Rod™ is available to prevent corrosion on stainless steel tubing

Tight crevices between tubing supports and clamps are another type of crevice corrosion that is difficult to avoid and must be addressed. Notched I-Rod™ has proved to be an excellent solution for preventing pitting and crevice corrosion on offshore stainless steel tubing installations. The I-Rod™ holds the tubing tight while ensuring that no moisture is trapped against the stainless steel surfaces.

Protect your stainless steel tubing


Corrosion damage

Significant corrosion damage on unprotected stainless steel tubing


Trapped moisture

Damage caused by moisture trapped beneath stainless steel tubing


Close-up look

Crevice corrosion caused by trapped moisture


I-Rod® prevents corrosion at pipe supports


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The full line of I-Rod® products and accessories are now available at our new e-commerce site at I-Rod.com. All of our I-Rod® offerings, specs and downloads can be found in one place, along with convenient online ordering in the US and UK, with other regions coming soon.

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I-Rod specifications

Material I-Rod (White) I-Rod HT (Amber) PEEK (Tan)
Property value ASTM Test Metric Imperial Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
Density, 73º F (23º C) D792 1.41 g/cm3 0.0509 lb/in3 1.28 g/cc 0.0462 lb/in3 1.31 g/cm3 0.047 lb/in3
Tensile strength, 73º F  (23º C) D638 64.8 MPa 9,400 psi 114 MPa 16,500 psi 110 MPa 16 ksi
Tensile modulus of elasticity,
                     73º F   (23ºC)
D638 2.62 GPa 380 ksi 3.45 GPa 500 ksi 3.44 GPa 500 ksi
Elongation (at break),
                     73º F  (23ºC)
D638 30-60% 30-60% 30-60% 30-60% 20% 20%
Flexural modulus of elasticity,
                     73º F  (23ºC)
D790 2.76 GPa 400 ksi 3.45 GPa 500 ksi 6.89 GPa 1000 ksi
Flexural strength, 73º F    (23ºC) D790 82.7 MPa 13 ksi 138 MPa 20 ksi 172 MPa 25 ksi
Compressive strength, 10% def,
                     73º F    (23ºC)
D695 103 MPa 15 ksi 152 MPa 22 ksi 137 MPa 20 ksi
Coefficient of friction (dry vs steel) N/A QTM 55007 0.25 0.25 0.42 0.42 0.40 0.40
IZOD Impact (notched), 73º F  (23ºC) D256 .534 J/cm 1 ft-lb/in of notch .267 J/cm 0.5 ft-lb/in of notch .534 J/cm 1.0 ft-lb/in of notch
Hardness, Rockwell,
                     73º F  (23ºC) M/R
D785 88/120 88/120 112/125 112/125 100/126 M103
Maximum service temperature (Long Term) 83 ºC 181ºF 171º C 340º F 249 ºC 480 ºF
Deformation under load D621 1.0% 1.0% - - - -
Melting point D3418 168º C 329º F 210º C 410º F 340 º C 644 º F
Coefficient of linear expansion E831 97.2 µm/m/ºC 54 µin/in/ºF 55.8 µm/m/ºC 31 µin/in/ºF - -
Heat deflection temperature,
                     264 psi
D648 104 ºC 220ºF 204 ºC 400ºF 160 ºC 320 ºF
Flammability rating VL94 HB HB V-0 V-0 V--0 V--0
Dielectric strength, short term D149 16.5 kV/mm 420 V/mil 32.7 kV/mm 830 V/mil 18.9  kV/mm

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