Retrofit Strategy using Aluminum Anodes for the Internal Sections of Wind Turbine Monopiles

by Alex Delwiche, Isaac Tavares 

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This paper discusses the corrosion mitigation strategy for protecting the submerged sections of a monopile wind turbine structure off the east coast of England in UK waters. The choice of the CP system was based on a remotely monitored trial, to minimise the retrofit installation works and thereby keeping costs and offshore work activity down, minimising the safety risk, yet provide an effective working system. The details and results of the initial trial are presented, as is the planning and preparation details to install aluminum anode strings inside of the supposed sealed internal sections of the wind turbine monopiles.

Figure 1 - Monopile Structure Construction

Figure 2 - Initial Offshore Trial Results

Figure 3 - Monopile to Seawater Potential vs Time for Initial Period of Trial

Figure 4 - Individual Anode String Current vs Time for Initial Period of Trial

Figure 5 - Current Density vs Time for Initial Period of Trial

Figure 6 - Potential and Current Data After Flushing

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