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Five platforms retrofit in Gulf of Mexico

Deepwater retrofits the cathodic protection on five structures in fourteen days


Deepwater systems allowed our crew to retrofit five structures in fourteen days

Deepwater Corrosion Services performed anode retrofits on five structures located in the Gulf of Mexico. The installation took a total of fourteen days. The platforms consisted of:

• 8-pile in 176 fsw (2.5 days)
• 8-pile in 113 fsw (2.75 days)
• 8-pile in 111 fsw (4 days)
• 4-pile in 111 fsw (4 days)
• 1-pile in 115 fsw (.5 days)

The retrofitted CP system consists of:

• Ninety-four (94) RetroPod™ sacrificial aluminum anode pods
• Ninety-four (94) RetroClamps™ for attachment

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Installation time: 14 days

The work was accomplished utilizing a 210' four point boat with divers. The divers guide the RetroPod™ to the bottom and apply the RetroClamp™ to the prescribed tubular (usually a diagonal near the sea floor). The time differences are due to some structures requiring minor scraping, and to stand-by time caused by other operations being performed. There were a total of 94 anode pods positioned strategically around and inside the structures on-bottom.

The ease and simplicity of the system reduces the divers' time on bottom (one pod can be installed in as little as one hour), and the diver is not required to interface with any heavy loads in the water (since they are using clamp-on anode replacements). The innovative RetroClamp™ system allows the pod to be clamped and electrically connected to the diagonal member, completing the circuit necessary for the cathodic-protection system to begin polarizing the structure. The RetroClamp™ can be installed by diver or ROV (divers in this case).

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