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Cathodic protection anode replacement for subsea equipment and platforms

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RetroPod™ is designed to reduce installation time for anode retrofit projects, cutting costs significantly.

The RetroPod™ is an aluminum anode system arranged in stable, self-contained "pods" which are ideal for replacing depleted anodes on mature assets. The pods are lowered to the sea floor and connected electrically to the protected asset via the RetroClamp™ system.


Video: Diver installation

Rapid retrofit

The RetroPod™ can be installed in less than a quarter of the time it would take to install an equivalent amount of cathodic protection anodes using traditional methods. 

RetroPod's speed of installation is the key to its success, as installation costs dominate budgeting for most anode retrofit projects.

The ease of installation using RetroClamps™ makes the RetroPod™ system incredibly cost-effective in comparison to underwater welding or other methods of attachment. 

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Subsea equipment

Protect multiple pieces of subsea equipment with a single RetroPod™ and multiple RetroClamps™.

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Fixed platforms

Fixed platforms in medium water depths can be protected with RetroPods™ deployed on the seafloor.


Deepwater flow lines

RetroPod™ has been built to deliver up to 18 amps of current, perfect for flow lines in deeper water.

Low-profile RetroPod™ for environments with strong currents

Our traditional RetroPod™ works well where there are not strong currents, such as when it’s used for subsea production equipment, deep-water flow lines and for platforms in calm water environments like the Gulf of Thailand, the Red Sea and at certain depths in the Gulf of Mexico. As an alternative for shallow-water locations with strong currents that could pose a risk of tipping, such as those found in depths between 110 and 200 feet in the Gulf of Mexico, Deepwater offers the RetroPod™ Low Profile. It features anodes identical to those on the taller pods, only arrayed in a horizontal configuration that’s more stable in high-current environments. 



Design Life

RetroPod™ system design life is 10 – 30 years (depending on customer requirements).

Aluminum Anode Material

One of two aluminum alloys utilizing chemical compositions unique for performance in either cold, deep water (Deep 7), or tropical environments (Deep 10).

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Video – what happens when anodes are spaced too closely

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