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CP retrofits on four platforms near Trinidad

BoosterPod™ anode sleds were used along with dual clamp-on anodes

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Cathodic protection retrofit for Galeota A, B, C & D

In 2010, Deepwater was contracted by Bayfield Energy Ltd. to provide cathodic protection (CP) retrofits of their Galeota A, B, C & D platforms east of Trinidad. The 20-year life extension CP system for each platform consisted of BoosterPod™ anode pods with RetroClamps™ and dual tie-back cables. The BoosterPod™ has four (4) 725-lb aluminum anodes and four smaller “booster” anodes on the top frame. The pods were placed on the seabed near the base of the jacket, either inboard or outboard, and electrical contact was achieved with dual tie-back cables and a RetroClamp™. Some of the platforms required dual anode clamp-ons (DCO) containing two (2) 725-lb aluminum anodes mounted on a steel frame which is attached to a mid-water member with two U-bolts.

The sacrificial anode system for Galeota “A” comprises 12 each 20-year BoosterPod systems and 3 each 10-year Dual Clamp-Ons.

Platforms B, C and D are assumed to be identical except for water depth and quantity of conductors. The sacrificial anode system for Galeota “B” comprises 16 each 20-year BoosterPod systems, the system for Galeota “C” comprises 15 each 20-year BoosterPod systems, and the system for Galeota “D” comprises 16 each 20-year BoosterPod systems.

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