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Sacrificial anode sleds retrofit for production pipelines in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico


Deepwater uses RetroClamps™ to attach anode sleds in Gulf of Mexico deep-water field

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted to oversee installation of a custom pipeline Dual RetroClamp™ to connect sacrificial anode sleds to production flowlines. Both pipelines are located in approximately 4500ft of seawater in the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico.

Each cathodic protection (CP) system consisted of one sacrificial anode sled (provided by the operator), and two Deepwater custom dual RetroClamps™. These were electrically connected using dual 4/0 tieback cables.

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Installation by ROV

A Deepwater technician performed the connection of the RetroClamps™ to the anode sleds topside, and the RetroClamps™ were hung with rope from the anode sleds so the ROVs would be able to easily access them. The vessel crane lowered the anode sleds on the sea bed using an ROV to position them.

The ROV then removed the RetroClamp™ from the anode sled and set it on the pipeline. One ROV tightened the stabilizing cradle and contact screw and filmed the RetroReader™ display while another ROV filmed the spacer plate, contact screw, and wire rope handle. Two anode sleds and four Dual RetroClamps™ were installed, achieving all goals for the CP retrofit of the two pipelines.

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