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Retrolinks installed on three platforms

Arenque A, B and C in Gulf of Mexico get CP retrofits

Platform wide

Arenque A, B and C platforms in Gulf of Mexico receive Retrolink™ CP retrofits

The three Arenque platforms (A, B and C) were installed in the Gulf of Mexico offshore of Tampico, Mexico in 1970. Oil production from platforms A and C is transported to platform B via subsea pipelines. The platforms were cathodically protected only by the sacrificial anodes installed at construction about 48 years earlier. Platform anode condition surveys were conducted in 2013 and these indicated high levels of anode wastage. CP surveys were completed on the jacket structures and the risers on all three platforms in 2017 and these indicated varying levels of CP ranging from under-protected to marginally protected.

Between August 29, 2018 and September 15, 2018, Deepwater supervised the installation of 20 RetroLinks™ on Arenque A, and between September 27, 2018 and October 6, 2018, Deepwater supervised the installation of 20 RetroLinks™ each on Arenque B and C.

Prior to Deepwater’s arrival onsite, RetroLink™ standoffs were welded to the members on each platform at specified locations. After initial readings were taken, Deepwater proceeded with the installation of 20 RetroLinks™ for each platform. RetroLinks™ measuring 200 feet in length were used. Each RetroLink™ hangs with the top anode at 6 to 10 feet below the water line, with 2 anodes lying on the bottom. Post-installation CP readings on alternating legs of each platform confirmed that protection had been achieved. With the installation of RetroLinks™, Arenque A, B, and C will be adequately protected (-850mV or better) for at least 5 years.

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