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Raparound pile anode

Impressed current cathodic protection anode system for jetties and piers in harsh conditions


Raparound™ is the only cathodic protection system to withstand consecutive winter freezes in Alaska’s Cook Inlet

The Raparound™ anode system is designed to protect pilings on piers and jetty structures in extremely harsh environments, but can be used in more hospitable situations as well. The anodes are available in different configurations to allow attachment to any piling shape from tubular to beam.

The first Raparound™ anodes were originally commissioned for the Cook Inlet in Alaska, where constant freeze and thaw cycles rendered all previous pile anodes ineffective. The Raparound™ has since proved itself in extensive time trials, surviving in the rapid ice-laden currents and punishing winter freezes year after year. With these data, we are confident that the Raparound™ is suited for all types of environmentsFrom the heavy-duty support frame to the dielectric shield, this anode is designed to take abuse and continue working. It can provide up to 100 amperes per anode for pile diameters between 12" and 48" using triple-coated MMO-activated titanium anodes.

Raparound™ anodes are also available for milder conditions where damage from ice poses less of a problem. The anodes are just as efficient, but the cost is lower because the heavy-duty steel protective frames aren’t necessary.


Key design points


Sustainable cathodic protection

Pile-mounted anodes have historically suffered electromechanical problems. On the Raparound™, all these deficiencies have been eliminated.

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Rugged design

The two-layer dielectric shield (elastomeric outer shield with thermo-plastic inner shield) provides impact resistance against ice or other floating debris.


Single-piece construction

The hinged, one-piece design allows for divers to easily maneuver the anode into place and ensures that the installation has been completed to specifications.

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MMO-impressed current anodes

The center-connected anode rod provides excellent long-term reliability (it is the same technology as used on the RetroBuoy™ high-capacity ICCP system).

Zinc electrode   Silver electrode   Housing   Frame   Cable  
Material (high purity 99.95%); Weight: 12 lb. (5.45 kg)                


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