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V-String monitoring on marine fueling dock

Açu Maritime Fuel Terminal - TECMA north of Rio de Janeiro State

Dock Wide

CP monitoring installed on marine fueling dock

Deepwater Do Brasil Serviços de Corrosão Ltda. retrofit the ICCP system and installed a CP monitoring system on the Porto do Açu Maritime Fuel Terminal – TECMA on December 27, 2020.

The dock is used for marine fueling and has two berths: Berth 1, which measures 185m X 32m, and Berth 2, which measures 110m X 21m. It’s operated by NFX Combustíveis Marítimos Ltda.

The installed system included sixteen V-String™ submerged reference electrodes (eight on each berth) that were placed on selected piles. Cables from the electrodes were attached to a topside monitoring panel.

A drop-cell probe was used in cradle 2 and DAMs 3, 4 and 5 during commissioning to verify readings from the reference electrodes at the monitoring panel.

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