Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

RetroPod XL

Cathodic protection and monitoring for deep-water assets


Our popular RetroPod™ modular anode structure with on-board status monitoring

The Retropod XL is a large anode structure designed to provide long life or life extension to multiple pieces of subsea equipment.  The on-board SunStation™ permanent monitoring system simplifies deep water cathodic protection by providing a single inspection point for CP.

Each RetroPod XL can be configured to provide 20 years of cathodic protection to more than 25,000 square feet of coated steel. The pods can be quickly installed by work-class ROVs, and readings can be easily taken whenever an ROV is in the area. The readouts are powered by solar panels that are activated by the ROV's lights, and CP readings are captured via camera. There are no batteries or connections to the surface with this self-contained system.



Video: RetroPod™ XL and Sunstation™ monitoring

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