Technical Paper

Monitoring Cathodic Protection System Performance in Deep Water Production Systems (Part 2)

by Jim Britton (2005)

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This paper was originally written for the Corrosion 89 conference, put on by NACE. It was subsequently published in Materials Performance in 1990. In 2005, Mr. Britton wrote an update to address the changes in corrosion control technology for deep water production equipment that had taken place in the interim.

Part One: Monitoring CP System Performance in Deep Water Production Systems (1989)

Original Abstract

Increasing interest in deep water offshore areas has presented a whole set of new unsolved problems to the corrosion industry. Several programs are in progress which are attempting to formulate revised cathodic protection design criteria for the deep ocean. The lack of historical data, combined with the increased criticality of accurate corrosion control design in these areas, serve to accentuate the need to be able to monitor the performance of the cathodic protection system once installed. The structural designs being considered for deep water production also present new problems which cannot always be addressed with standard monitoring methods and technologies. This paper will identify some of these problems and offer some generic solutions which should serve to increase the overall reliability of future deep water corrosion control systems.

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