Technical Paper

Offshore Risk-Based Asset Integrity Management: A New Methodology

by Binder Singh and Jim Britton (2001) from NACE 2001

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The management of corrosion and integrity for offshore applications has become more critical as deepwater exploration and production continues. There are many challenges ahead, the most important being that the scope for error is greatly reduced. Repair, retrofit or replacement all become that much more difficult and costly due to logistics. The importance of correct execution first time is therefore vital, and one of the most important areas is that of suitable materials selection and corrosion management. This paper presents a new Risk Based Corrosion Integrity Management (RB-CIM) methodology comprising 10 discrete steps which when used diligently can provide the means to resolve the many threats encountered. In particular focusing on pertinent through life fitness-for-purpose, and important regulatory issues. The principles engage a multidisciplinary approach with a radical emphasis on design reappraisal, failure investigation, prioritized inspection and extended verification to address the demanding safety, environmental, and performance objectives. The scheme invokes a paradigm shift in thinking and is considered very relevant for both existing and new offshore deepwater developments.

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