Technical Paper

The Design and Application of Deep Water Offshore Cathodic Protection Systems: Some Practical Considerations

by Jim Britton and RE Baxter (1999) from Corrosion99

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There have been a good number of deep water projects completed in the Gulf of Mexico over the last 10 years, and the types of structures deployed has varied widely, from fixed platforms, floating production systems, tension leg platforms, subsea completed systems, pipelines and umbilicals. This paper will discuss some practical guidelines which will ensure the success of cathodic protection systems in these environments such as, materials to avoid, anode compositions for deep cold water, the use of coatings, tips on successful inspection and monitoring of in place systems and some guidelines for specification writing. Some aspects of the importance of material quality control are also discussed, as well as some new developments, which may affect how the cathodic protection designer tackles future projects.

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