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ReCap data logger installed on BOP stack

Logs four years of data at 3,000 meter depths

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ReCap™ data logger installed on BOP stack

Deepwater Corrosion Services was contracted by Atwood Oceanics to install a ReCap™ data logger on one of their BOP stacks in order to log cathodic protection data during subsea operations. The ReCap™ system comprises a high impedance data logger, two V-String™ zinc reference electrodes and two grounding clamps. Each channel of data is logged independently and recorded every 15 minutes. The ReCap™ has been designed for continuous data logging of two independent channels at depths up to 3,000 meters (10,000 feet), for deployments of up to four years.

A Deepwater Corrosion Services technician traveled to the drill ship Atwood Advantage, located in the Gulf of Mexico. After reviewing the equipment with the customer’s electrical engineers, the Deepwater technician calibrated the data logger and equipment.

The ReCap™ data logger was then attached to the LMRP on stack B, and continuity was checked between the grounding clamps and the grounding cable. The V-Strings, once mounted, were confirmed to be discontinuous with the LMRP structure. The data logger is located on column 2 on the LMRP. One reference electrode is located on column 2 on the LMRP, and one reference electrode is located on column 3 of the LMRP.

The data logger was successfully installed on the LMRP section of the B drilling stack. A copy of the data logger software was left with the electrical department onboard the Atwood Advantage. The electrical engineer onboard was instructed on how to retrieve the data from the data logger using the software provided and also on how to move the data logger and equipment between BOP stacks.

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