Way Ahead In Corrosion Control

RECAP data logger

Recoverable subsea cathodic protection recorder


Deepwater’s RECAP™ device has been designed to collect rich subsea cathodic protection data

Typical cathodic protection monitoring only requires infrequent measurements, sometimes more than a year apart. For special situations and complex equipment, however, it has been proven to be very useful to collect rich time-resolved CP data to help characterize the kinetics of a complicated CP system, or to troubleshoot intermittent depolarization or overprotection effects. The RECAP™ can be installed and retrieved in a variety of configurations, either topside (such as on a drilling stack or riser section), or subsea by ROV or diver. Several RECAPs have been deployed and have been continuously operating on drilling equipment since 2014.

Key design points


Visual status indicator

An informational LED on the logger's face blinks to visually indicate status.


Super-strong case

The RECAP™ is housed in a super-strong case made of stainless steel rated for 3,000 meter depths.

Recap-electrodes.jpg (1)

Input many probes and sensors

RECAP™ can input different types of probes and sensors, such as these reference electrodes


Fastens via web clamp

The logger mounts on a clamp that's electrically connected to the structure. It’s ideal for equipment that returns to the surface periodically, such as drilling equipment.


Battery lasts four years

High-capacity memory and high-efficiency power systems allow for 4 years of continuous monitoring at 15-minute sampling intervals.


Retrieval options

The RECAP™ can be brought topside and interrogated using the convenient USB connection. There's even an optional ROV retrieval interface available.

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