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TankGard HP-1Z

Cathodic protection reference electrode for process vessels and tanks


Cathodic protection system for process vessels and tanks

The Polatrak HP-1Z is a permanent reference electrode designed to allow positive monitoring and/or control of internal cathodic-protection systems for tanks and pressure vessels. It is one of the staple innovations of the TankGard system, and is not available on other tank cathodic-protection systems. The HP-1Z E (extended) provides the electrode element on an extension wire inside the vessel.

This makes it suitable for a number of applications where the electrode needs to be located in a specific area, or where internal access is limited to the upper areas of the tank or vessel. It is also ideal for monitoring tube-sheets in condensers or exchangers.

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Suitable for most vessels

This instrument is rated to 3,000 psi, which makes it suitable for almost any vessel (access through either a 1/2" or 3/4" NPT fitting). The electrode may be wired to a monitoring station or simply read directly at the vessel using a regular multi-meter. The self-bleed zinc electrode provides a rugged +/- 20 mV electrode for just about any environment, and can be inserted through any fitting providing a ½" or ¾" NPT access.

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