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Green Head Anode

The Green head is an improved anode deployment method for sacrificial anodes. 

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HP-1Z / RT-1Z  -  CP Monitoring

The HP-1Z & RT-1Z provide monitoring and or control of internal cathodic protection systems for tanks. 



Flangemate™ ICCP

A CP system for the tank's internal surface with potential monitoring via reference electrodes. 

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Fire Tube Scan

The Green Head Anode, combined with Elite Energy's proprietary Fire Tube Scan is the most comprehensive protection available for your Heater Treaters. 

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Existing Solutions


No cathodic protection (CP)
Heater Treaters without CP have a finite lifespan, and the cost to replace them greatly outweighs the cost of CP retrofit and monitoring.

Inefficient Design
Existing sacrificial anode systems (Blue & Red heads) suffocate the anode, which results in a system that is inefficient (as low as 40% anode utilization), prone to leakage, and in need of frequent replacements (every 2-18 months). This means costly downtime and/or repairs. 

Low output
Due to their design faults, existing systems cannot provide the current necessary to fully arrest internal corrosion. Upgrading the current or life of these systems after installation is not possible, unfortunately.

One size doesn't fit all
Existing systems are constrained to the diameter of the anode, contain fitment issues, and some are even supported by cinder blocks in the fire tube. These issues further compromise the CP system and expose the Heater Treater to premature failure.


Sacrificial & Impressed Current systems
Arrest corrosion on the internal wall of the vessel and on any submerged components.

90% anode utilization
TankGard systems are all designed to extend the interval between anode replacements, with up to a 10 year design life. 

High output, upgradable
TankGard anodes are all designed by corrosion engineers to maximize current output and ensure that protection levels completely arrest internal corrosion.

Designed to fit
Available with mounting hardware for any type of interface, TankGard anodes can be used with victaulic or flange couplings.  They can even be designed to fit existing vessel designs as an OEM product.



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